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Handle Change
Handling Changes in your Business
Moves, Expansions, and Acquisitions

A growing small business often hits milestones in the life of the business when major change or upheaval occurs. This can be when there is a need to move to new office space to cope with expansion, the opening of a new office, manufacturing or retail location, or the addition of new supplier relationships. Some small businesses acquire other businesses or merge with them.

These phases in the life of the business are often an excellent time to look at the company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and support model. Moving to a new office creates an opportunity to get the servers located and set up correctly and to put in wired or wireless networks to connect PCs. It also is a good time to look at your overall support model.

A period of change for your business is also a time to look at whether you have the support you need for the new and evolving information systems set-up you have?

If your company is involved in a merger then you will need to integrate the two IT environments of the merged companies and develop an integration strategy for the new company.

BungeeCraft Technologies can help you get through these changes, and even turn them into opportunities to have a more efficient and effective IT environment. We can help whether you need us for a one-off project or to get things set-up right and then support you going forward.

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