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Secure and Protect your Email, Instant Messaging and Web Browsing
TotalCare Security

Threats to email and instant messaging are getting more sophisticated and continue to rise. Even small businesses have to contend with regulatory and compliance issues. Are you prepared to address the risks associated with lost productivity, lawsuits or penalties for non-compliance?

TotalCare Security is a suite of computer support services to help you secure and protect many kinds of communications such as email, instant messaging and web browsing.

Email Protection – Protect Your Inbox from Viruses and Spam

Email Protection stops spam, viruses and phishing scams from getting into your email inbox. Various spam and directory harvest attacks on your network are stopped before they reach your infrastructure, saving valuable network bandwidth.

Email Archive – Store, Archive and Search All Email Communications

Email Archive allows your organization to securely archive and store all email communications. Authorized users can search and retrieve any email for compliance or regulatory requirements, across the entire organization.

Email Encryption – Protect Sensitive Information through Secure, Encrypted Email

Email Encryption helps protect sensitive email information from eavesdropping, tampering and theft. You can have secure email communications regardless of the encryption capabilities of the receiver. Your email encryption policies can be continuously enforced, automatically and transparently to your users.

Web Protection – Block Malicious Web or Inappropriate Content

Web Protection stops malicious web content from being downloaded, enhances productivity by blocking programs or viruses. Web protection also helps reduce legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate sites and content. Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor web traffic and adjust your policies based on usage.

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