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Network Services: Overview
Information Technology Management Services: TotalCare
Premium Coverage for Complete Network Management and Computer Support

BungeeCraft Technologies is the premier service designed to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. The service provides regularly scheduled maintenance of systems and networks that, when proactively monitored and managed, will reduce the exposure to many common problems that IT environments experience due to neglect or the security issues inherent from using the Internet. Through our experience in supporting small businesses, we have developed a Total Care checklist that is used to proactively manage and support your network. Some examples of proactive support include:

  • Review of server logs, disk capacities, and general health of servers
  • Validation of backups, strategy, and assurance of restore capability
  • Application of patches and service packs
  • Installation of recommended patches, service packs, and maintenance updates
  • Review status of network components and logs
  • Tuning of network and system components as necessary

This service is customized for each client, however, our approach to TotalCare is uniform. First we meet with you to ascertain your short and long term business goals; second we discuss your network environment, users’ needs, and critical business functions; and lastly, we present you with a solution that fits your needs, all within an affordable monthly budget.

Ongoing Management: On-site and Remote

Day-to-day management and support of your IT network is done with regular on-site visits and remotely. Our technical support team begins with our National Support Center (NSC) and our Network Operations Center (NOC). Together with your dedicated network engineer, these groups are the cornerstone of your consulting team.

National Support Center: NSC

The NSC provides you with remote support, when your primary or secondary consultant is unavailable. They are seasoned technical experts who assist you over the phone, whether it is a server, desktop or network issue. They work in conjunction with your dedicated network engineer to deliver fast and efficient service during regular business hours.

Network Operations Center: NOC

Our NOC is primarily responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and escalating alerts from our Remote Monitoring and Email Protection Service. They operate around the clock, 24x7, and if there is a critical alert from one of these services, they will troubleshoot, then escalate the issue to the appropriate people on your team. Then either the NSC or your primary network engineer will begin fixing the problem.

TotalCare Procurement

With TotalCare, you get IT procurement assistance. We are experts at helping you select the right product for your needs. We will assist you in getting quotes for hardware, software, networking gear and any other technology products, at a competitive price with excellent customer service. This service helps you with one-stop shopping, pre-sales support from vendors (if necessary), purchasing of the product, delivery tracking to your location and a seamless escalation path if there are issues.

Project Support

As your company grows or as your needs change, BungeeCraft can assist you. Projects are support tasks that typically have a definite start and finish interval, such as a server migration, operating system upgrade, firewall installation or other technically demanding tasks. These kinds of tasks do not fall within the normal support provided by TotalCare, nor are they generally done during business hours. BungeeCraft Technologies will assess the situation, scope the project and provide you with either an Initial Project Estimate or a more complete Project Plan that includes hardware/software costs, labor costs and the timeline to complete the project.

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