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Strategic Planning
IT Strategic Planning

For most small businesses, handling day-to-day computer and network support issues is more than enough to handle. Can I receive email from my clients and vendors? Is the order entry system working so I can track that status of orders? Are my remote or travelling workers able to access information anytime, anywhere?

You may have the desktop and server maintenance under control, but what about new initiatives or business opportunities that require an infrastructure upgrade? What if the VP of Sales asked you to investigate a new software application? Are you able to focus on longer term IT plans that go beyond the monthly or quarterly issues you face?

For many companies, sitting down with the key decision makers and agreeing on priorities can be one of most difficult tasks because of competing objectives and tight budgets. As with any kind of strategic plan, you need to consider where the organization will be several years out and imagine what it will take to get there. BungeeCraft Technologies has the experience to help clients build strategic IT management plans.

BungeeCraft Technologies can provide you with an IT plan that spans two-three years. We will sit down with you to understand your business objectives, your departmental inner workings, the current state of your network infrastructure, the competitive landscape and your goals as a company.

Once an IT management plan is devised, it must be reviewed every six months to ensure that it is still aligned with the company goals. Reviewing the plan is just as important as executing against it and making course corrections should be a given in any strategic IT plan.

Technology advances at a rapid pace and taking advantage of the latest technologies can provide your organization with a competitive advantage, better efficiencies, better productivity and ultimately lower costs. However, it’s important to make the right technology choices and that requires a combination of experience and expertise from having done it before successfully

BungeeCraft Technologies can help to devise a strategic IT plan for your business and recommend the most appropriate solutions. Our Procurement Services help you find and purchase products at competitive prices or we can help you with finance and leasing options. Lastly, we can help you implement solutions and execute your IT strategy.

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